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Garden Tips

Your garden is important. It’s a place for relaxation, to entertain, for the children to play… to escape the everyday. Landscaping your garden can mean many things to different people, from a tranquil lush green haven, to a more contemporary affair with structural planting, gravels and linear styling.


Whatever your taste, BFS DIY can create your wildest ideas with wonderful products to complement the colours, textures and style of your garden foliage and your home. Even the smallest areas can be enhanced by our landscaping products, to provide a sense of clear space, drawing focus to specific features, or to provide colour and textural contrast.

Natural Stone Paving

Specially selected classic natural stone to enrich your outdoor space with warmth and quality.

  • Each piece is unique
  • Wide variety of colours and textures
  • Variables in colour and texture for a truly individual finish

Porcelain Paving

Contemporary, elegant and durable. Enjoy the timeless beauty of our porcelain garden paving options, including the unique hybrid GeoCeramica® range.

  • Consistent, refined beauty
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Easy to maintain and resistant to everyday staining

Concrete Paving

Durable, precision-engineered solutions to suit a wide range of projects.

  • More control over colour and dimensions
  • Engineered products
  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Extensive range of accessories available

Garden Landscaping Explained

Landscaping isn’t just in our name, it’s in our heritage. Our wide range of blocks, flags, gravels and edgings has graced the gardens of many beautiful properties throughout the UK. From the sleek lines of our GeoCeramica® range and the textured aesthetics of our sandstone ranges to the flexibility, choice and colours of our wide range of blocks.

Your garden is more than an extension of your home, it’s an investment, a place you can enjoy all year round. Our products at BFS DIY, together with our inherent design knowledge can bring your outside space to life. An inspirational space that you can be truly proud of.

With all this in mind, landscaping shouldn’t be rushed, planning is key. What will be the primary focus of your garden, is it a small or large area? Would blocks be more appropriate than flags and do you require a play area for children, a space in the sunshine or in the shade – or both?

And then of course there’s planting. It’s important to select the correct species. Check with your garden centre on the height and spread of your chosen shrubs and trees, factor them into the design and consider the shape of a lawn if required; will it have soft curves, or should your design incorporate a more contemporary, geometric lawn?

It seems a lot to do, but get it right with the right design, the right BFS DIY Landscaping products, the right planting and the right installation, and you’ll have an exciting, rewarding project to undertake and enjoy. And may even go towards increasing the value of your home. Your local BFS DIY Approved Installer can help you through the process.


A driveway shouldn’t simply be a place for your car, it’s the entrance to your home. It should be inviting, impactful, stylish and complementary to the aesthetics of your home. It can add value to your property, presenting that all-important kerb appeal.


Speaking of which, our kerbs are as attractive as the rest of our products. Simply, BFS DIY driveway paving product range will help your home make an entrance. Our blocks come in different depths for different uses, but for driveways that are used to accommodate normal family cars, we’d recommend our ‘light usage’ range of 50mm blocks.

Porcelain Paving

GeoCeramica_Bluestone Gris Claro_Beta Silver Haze (5)

Concrete Paving

Alpha Flow_Charcoal_Shipdham (16)

Permeable Paving

Regatta_Autumn Gold (4)

Blocks and gravel aren’t the only driveway solutions. With the advances in concrete technology, BFS DIY can bring you the crisp, contemporary look of porcelain for your driveway. GeoCeramica® Bluestone and Fiordi have an elegant porcelain flag permanently bonded to a concrete base, combining beauty with strength, stability and drainage. 60mm GeoCeramica® has been tried and tested for use on driveways where the density of porcelain makes it resistant to the staining usually associated with constant vehicle use.

Concrete blocks have been the staple of driveway design for many years, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only do they offer a robust, easy-to-install solution for your driveway paving, but also come in a multitude of styles, textures and colours to create a lasting design to be proud of.

Helping towards the environmental stability of our planet is now more important than ever, and homeowners are taking the initiative, helping to combat flooding by reducing the amount of rainwater that runs from their gardens. BFS DIY offers a number of block products to help homeowners design a driveway that not only looks beautiful but helps manage surface water run-off. You can also add further interest by including our permeable gravels to your design, helping you meet the standards set by your Local Authority. As a homeowner, you now have a legal obligation to avoid surface water draining onto public highways from your property if the area exceeds the parameters allowed – specifically 5m2. For further guidance, contact our customer service team who’ll be delighted to help you.

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